Chocolate Chia Seed Energy Bars

These make a great healthy snack if you’re craving chocolate.  They give you energy, so eating them before bed is probably not a good idea! 

Chocolate Chia Seed Energy Bars

Are Nitrates & Nitrites Bad For You?

Sodium nitrate and sodium nitrite are added to processed meats like bologna (and other lunch meats), hot dogs, bacon, ham, and sausage. They are very common preservatives in foods and they are added to prevent bacteria from growing. They are naturally occurring in vegetables and drinking water and are beneficial to the digestive system and… [Continue Reading]

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What’s Up With Inflammation?

Inflammation is a word that’s been thrown around a lot, especially lately, as a bad thing. It is a bad thing, but it’s also a good thing. Let me explain. Acute inflammation is the body’s response to injury or infection, and it lasts only a few days. Types of acute inflammatory responses are traumas like… [Continue Reading]

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An Aspirin A Day?

Many years ago, a small daily dosage of aspirin was recommended to just about everybody to prevent heart disease and stroke. A recent report is now saying something a little different. The report states that more than 1 in 10 people don’t need to take it. How many more? That still leaves a large number… [Continue Reading]


Healthy Buffalo Chicken Recipe

Healthy Buffalo Chicken Recipe Hey, everybody! Today I’d like to share a healthy buffalo chicken recipe that is absolutely delish and easy to make. This dish makes a great meal, especially if you like hot wings. But, it’s healthy!  You do need to eat them with a fork, because the sauce is drippy. There are… [Continue Reading]


Wonderful Eggs!

For many years, we have been taught that eggs are not healthy because the yolks are high in cholesterol and it was thought that eating them increases cholesterol in our bodies leading to heart disease. I love eggs so I’m happy that that has been debunked as a myth. What Is Cholesterol? Cholesterol is an… [Continue Reading]


Time-Saving Tips to a Healthy Lifestyle

Eating healthy and making lifestyle changes doesn’t have to be difficult. Many of these can be overcome with some planning and learning to accept that sometimes things just don’t work out and you don’t have to let these occasional falls stop you from continuing to make changes. Time is probably the number one reason people… [Continue Reading]

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How to Overcome Depression

Many people suffer from depression or other mental and emotional issues. The winter months and holidays can also bring about symptoms of depression. Vitamin D is important for our mental outlook and in the winter months, with less sunlight, we don’t get enough. Supplementing with a high-quality Vitamin D is one way to overcome depression.… [Continue Reading]

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Simple, Quick Office Workout Video

Here’s a simple workout to get in some exercise at work! by

How to Prevent or Cure a Hangover

New Year’s Eve is a fun way to end the old year and welcome the new one. Many people enjoy celebrating with some alcoholic drinks and lots of food at parties and being with friends and family. How does alcohol affect the body? Alcohol doesn’t contain many nutrients, but it does contain a lot of… [Continue Reading]

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